Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meet Marley

This seemingly laidback and lengthy fellow is definitely responsible for a good deal of my recent weariness as a human being.  He is also the reason that there will be no Christmas tree (aka "giant kitty toy") this year at Hand & Soul Studios (unless I am suddenly afflicted with brain fever).  Please welcome Marley, the newest (and last) addition to the family.  Marley is a freakishly large eight-month old bundle of insane energy that has quite literally turned our household upside-down.  I never really appreciated how sedate and sweet Miss Tuscany was until I introduced dear Marley into the mix.  And what an introduction it was.  At first, Tuscany hissed and growled and spit for all she was worth, puffing herself up to three times her normal size just to let the interloper know who was boss.  The two cats hunched their backs and inflated their tails, scuttling around each other like furry, furious crabs.  Three days later, they are chasing each other throughout the house like hormone-crazed teenagers.  Both are "fixed" so no fear there but that doesn't seem to put a damper on the love affair.  My son and I are on the sidelines, cleaning up after the feline hurricane.  We may need to be rescued from these rescue animals.  But as wild as they are, when they are "off" (and recharging), Tuscany and Marley are curled up in their respective spaces, looking adorable as ever.  And in those quiet times, I catch my breath and remind myself that it will eventually settle down.  I remember that they give as much as they take most days and that life would definitely be emptier without them.


  1. Marley - great name - and so similar to my Marvin another great big ginger tom. Who, after living amicably with us for three years has suddenly decided to wreck the furniture - love 'em. Miniature tree? Paper cut-out tree? Cats just think Christmas decorations are made for them.

  2. Whoo-Hoo! A big, warm welcome to Marley! Who'd have thought that someone with a mellow, laid-back namesake could be so rambunctious!!! Love & Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. WOW! He is A really big cat....and by the sounds of it....really BIG fun!

  4. LOLOLOL YOU my dear have your hands full now. Ginger cats have a personality all of their own. I know, I have Louis aka Louie. He had attitude. He makes poor little black cat, Cleopatra's life miserable. Well, those were her thoughts about him. All he wants to do is "hug" her. She can't get far enough away from him.
    So, Louie and Murphy are best buds.
    Marley will bring you so much joy and laughter and some deep sighs I am sure. LOLOLOL :)Bea


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