Thursday, November 12, 2009

Marching Forward Through Doubt

These last few days have been a strange mix of excitement and ennui as I try to find some balance between doing and being.  Tis the season for such feelings I suppose.  Even if I'm not directly involved in the holiday chaos, I can feel it in the air and it is sucking the life right out of me.  I'm definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving break.  I've been keeping up with AEDM for the most part, working on journal page construction or the journaling itself.  In her videos, Teesha explains that she completes all the artwork in advance of the writing and then sits down later to add her thoughts.  Thus, the images don't always relate directly to the journaling and I'm finding that hard as I tend to use the imagery to inspire and support what I have to say.  I'm also struggling deeply with working in this style; it feels oddly comforting and foreign at the same time.  I'm wondering how I can make this my own.  Perhaps I can't.  Maybe I just need to balance this sort of work with continued work in all my other journals.  Art journaling is supposed to be for one's own soul alone; what it looks like isn't all that important as long as the process of building the pages supports the expression of internal dialogue.  And I adore this process of collaging, character construction, doodling, and lettering.  As I relax into page construction, my brain relaxes as well and the words begin to flow.  That what's  most important.  I just need to keep that in mind if I begin to doubt myself.


  1. I adooore what you have done! Famous words..."Don't think twice, it's alright"
    Hugs to ya Michelle!

  2. Yup! I remember how monkeys and squirrels have a tendency to go a little ape as the Holidays approach. It's all hands on deck and batten down the hatches time!!!

    Oh, Michelle - I'm struggling with the entire journaling concept. I've great difficulty writing down my thoughts. Maybe it's related to the time my Mom and sister found my diary and had great fun making fun of my innermost thoughts. And, admittedly, I'm practicing spontaneity!!! *sigh** how sad . . .

    On the other hand, your pages are wonderful. I can definitely see YOU in each element. Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. You have to take from others and make it your own. I have pre-prepared pages in my journal and find it very hard to go back and write in them, like you any writing comes with the page as I create it - you will find your own style (still looking for mine)and then your journal will reflect it - it has to be yours no one else's. Sites like Teesha are great to get you going, but I am sure she would be the first to say 'do it your way'

  4. Don't doubt! It's beautiful!

  5. I love your pages, Michele. The feet on this one slay me! I keep wanting to find her some hands, however! (smile) It's been interesting to see the pages you "girls" have done in class. You have each brought your own distinctive style to the pages...and rightly so! Kudos to you!


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