Friday, October 9, 2009

White Dove Moments

This particular journal entry is downright sedate compared to all my usual work but it seems to accurately reflect the peacefulness that has settled into my spirit with the last few days of rest and relaxation.  I am making a concerted effort to find a little bit of contentment in each day, no matter how I feel.  Having chronic health issues can take its toll on positivity and the sense of accomplishment highly productive days can bring.  It becomes all about finding peace in the small movements forward, in the little moments that otherwise would be overlooked.  Perhaps those times can be described as "white dove" moments;  most of the time, life gives us pigeons (and all the associated mess) but every so often, a dove wanders into the grey-black flock, cooing and strutting for all its worth, and we are temporarily entranced.  I am trying to recognize those moments more often and give them the attention they deserve.  I think that if I really pay attention, I'll find that there are a lot more doves out there than I give the world credit for.    


  1. I soooo agree, we each need to be reminded of that! Each day though when I visit you, my day is already so much more positive. Blog friends like you are white doves Michelle.
    Continue to be strong. Hugs!!

  2. Hi Michelle, I've been enjoying your blog and especially seeing your work. Thanks for sharing your excitement with teaching...of course I relate! Also, so glad to read that you are taking time to recharge your energy. Cheers to the white doves of life!
    Lyn in CC

  3. I ADORE this post, Michelle! In the "stillness" there are answers, blessings and hope - 3 little doves. Taking time to listen to your body has regenerated your art. And "ditto" to Sharon's beautiful comment! Love & Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. Such a good idea you have. I think anytime anybody put the focus on the positive, on helping other people and in those glorious "good" moments of the day, we do a little healing of ourselves. Taking time to be quiet and listen to our inner connectiveness is always a good thing. :)Bea


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