Monday, October 19, 2009

Jeepers Creepers & Farmers' Market

I love these birdy paper dolls from ARTchix!  I spent the weekend just playing around, trying to shake off some stress and shake loose some artist's block.  My creative juices always seem to dry up a bit after a big push to complete a lot of large pieces and since hanging my "Facades" show October 1st, my easel has stood dusty and neglected.  I long to paint but my brain is fried so I am working on little bits here and there.  When I want to "prime the pump," so to speak, I tend to play with a lot of pre-determined materials like scrapbook papers, collage sheets, embellishments and so forth rather than creating everything myself.  Using stuff other people have designed takes the pressure off and I feel free to let go.

In other weekend news, I spent Saturday morning at the local Farmers' Market and came away with apple-cinnamon bread, jalapeno-cheddar scones, blackberry honey, zucchini, and three pounds of Ruben Star apples.  I've been making an effort to get out to the market each weekend as I love simply wandering around, listening to the live music, admiring the baskets of flowers, fruits, and veggies, and watching everyone else who has decided to trade sleeping in for market morning.  Plus, I get some fabulously tasty organic goodies in the bargain! 


sharon said...

Ohhh, another bird Michelle...sooooo fantastic!! I loooove this!! This is so much fun, so playful!
My mouth is watering listening to you describe the lovely farmers market.....everything sounds so wonderful!

Terri Kahrs said...

Jeeper . . . he's GRrr-eat, and his background is sooo "yummy"! Filled with delicious color, just the thing to start a Monday off on the right foot!

Your visit to the market sounds like so much fun! I ADORE farmers markets. I'm NOT a morning person, but mention farmer's market, and I'm there! The smells, the morning air, the stalls loaded with all of the color -- Heaven! Enjoy your organic goodies! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Bea said...

Aren't those birdies fun! I thoroughly enjoyed this one. PLAY is sooooooo important. It's a time for us to just LET our muse rummage around until it finds what it wants us to work on. :)Bea

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