Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Be Fabulous

For purposes of blog post illustration, I've been pulling images (today & yesterday) from a journal of mine previously kept pretty much under wraps.  "Soul Stories" is about two-thirds complete and is a repurposed tome of children's poetry.  Whilst preparing the book for journaling, I gessoed the pages before painting with a variety of cheap craft acrylics. (Note:  For art journaling, crafting paints are best because they have more binder than pigment, making them easier to write over AND they save your expensive acrylics for other projects.)   On some pages, I left just a thin coat of gesso over the illustration so I could come back through and alter that image for a journal entry.  On others, I preserved the poem so I could use it for future inspiration.  Mostly I simply used the book as a substrate for my journaling, completely painting over the original text and images (as with the page above.)  A lot of the entries in this journal are very personal and thus off limits for public viewing but a few are more illustrative than narrative.  I really like to create "affirmation" pages in my journals, little visual bits of positive self-talk that I can return to when I am blue.

And speaking of fabulous, do yourself a favor and visit dear sweet Kelly at Soul Humming to reserve yourself a copy of her incredible art calendar for 2010!  12 months worth of Kelly's incredible art just waiting to grace your walls!  Wow! 


  1. This is exceptional Michelle! Thank you for another positive "affirmation" for the day! I love her skirt of wings, and the in and out transparency of her body! You have made me feel better about going to work this morning!!Hugs

  2. That's a good tip about using poster paints for the base of journaling pages. Especially if you layer things like a lot of us do. I love her butterfly skirt. I can just see her twirling, in my mind. :)Bea

  3. I am pea-green jealous of the winged skirt!!! The message, the illustration and your beautiful page are ALL fabulous!!! I can just imagine how magnificent this journal is, Michelle. Thank you for giving us a peek, and thanks too, for the smile! Hugs & Love, Terri xoxo

  4. Oh wow this is jaw droppingly wonderful.


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