Monday, October 26, 2009

Art in the (Itty Bitty) Round

My weekend was soft and quiet, filled with tiny art-making and here and there, some vigorous house cleaning.  These are some "rinchies" (inchies in circle format) that I made for a swap of such itty bitty things.  There is something oddly meditative about creating art on such a small canvas.  When I sit down to work on miniatures, the world sort of melts away as I focus on finding and clipping just the right size images, gluing down the practically microscopic pieces, figuring out my theme, adding the words, and finally edging the circles with a little bit of Staz-On ink.  You may ask:  What in the world do you do with such little things?  Inchies, rinchies, and other art in a mini format (typically under two or three inches in any one direction) are perfect for use in mixed media jewelry projects, greeting cards, small artists' books, and gift tags among other things.  I like to use these as mini illustrations in my journals where writing is the primary focus as opposed to those journals where ideas are mainly communicated through images and journaling is secondary.  I am finding that the process of creating minis, the intense concentration that develops as I hunch over my creations, is the most important and refreshing result of a tiny art session.   


  1. These are gorgeous Michelle....jam packed with beauty! I have not attempted an inchie yet, but you have inspired me again to possibly try! Here is to a great new week!!
    Thank you!

  2. It's amazing that you find the "inchie" process meditative and zen-like - your work totally reflects that joy. I, on the other hand, find that I can't breathe until one of the little canvases is complete! LOL!!!

    I'm glad you had such an enjoyable weekend. May your week ahead be filled with joy! Hugs & Love, Terri xoxo

  3. Love your inchies, I enjoy making them too, but I usually draw my own patterns with fine fibre pens and watercolours. I keep a pile of cut squares to doodle on and them stick them in my journal when I've got a page full - you've inspired me to post mine on my blog - thanks

  4. those are so wonderful!


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