Saturday, September 12, 2009

Update from Plague Girl

Thought I'd pop in for a rare Saturday post and update my sweet well wishers on my mini (very mini) health drama.  Not long after my post yesterday, I started throwing up and spiked a fever.  As hurling my guts up is where I draw the line at working, I was forced to call in sick.  So sad but teaching with a bucket on hand is a bit much, even for me.  Fortunately, my talented and awesome son was able to sub for me and by all accounts, did an incredible job with only about 15 minutes preparation time.  (Luckily, I had had my entire lesson plan completed and ready to go.)

Then I proceeded to sleep...and sleep...and sleep.  16 hours or so.  Woke up at four this morning with all the congestion settled into my chest, no fever, very weak but I think (knock on wood) I am on the mend.  I think I am the victim of some sort of viral blitz attack as I can't remember ever catching something that moved so fast.  I've got the weekend so I will continue to rest easy and watch for any sort of upper respiratory complication.  Thank you for all your kind thoughts and support!  I'm sure they played a part in paving the road to recovery and back into the classroom...xo - Michelle


Brian K said...

Thank you for the update Plague Girl... but you should be resting! Back to bed... get some rest!

Terri Kahrs said...

OOooooooo no, say it 'aint so!!! You've raised quite a guy, Mom, to have him step in for you. I'm sure the girls in the class paid close attention to their "substitute" teacher! LOL

Seriously, sounds like you may need some heavy duty antibiotics if the chest congestion doesn't get better. (Can't help it . . . it's the "Mom" side of me!) Right now you're doing what your body needs. Rest and liquids (hopefully you can keep them down) are the best medicine. That and a BIG healing hug sent with loving "vibes". Hope that you're feeling much better by the time you read this post. Love & Healing Hugs, Terri oxoxo

sharon said...

Wow Michelle...sounds pretty terrible! Yes, throwing up is where I draw the line also. I usually do force myself to go to work, but not like that. Sounds like sleep is the key ingredient to your getting better...your body is telling you what it needs, just listen to it. And listen to us wish you well, and know you are in my thoughts. Feel better soon!
BTW, that's some incredible son you have there, what a reflection of you!!

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