Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Simply Stylin'

Here's another entry in my Zetti-inspired journal entitled "My World Within." The head is a image from a Dover book of 19th century engravings that I colored by hand. The rest is drawn by me using markers, colored pencils and gel pens.

I fret a lot about whether or not I have an identifiable "look" and I have come to the conclusion that, as far as my journals are concerned, this journal is the most representative of my style: Bright colors, whimsy, lettering, cartoony characters, doodling, and several pairs of black and white tights thrown in for good measure. Of the many journals that I keep, this one is the most fun. I can lose myself for hours, developing a character's outfit & body position, deciding upon the border illumination, executing the vision and, finally, adding the journaling. The page seems to slowly come alive. It is a very relaxing and meditative process. And on top of everything, I am using the simplest art materials: crayons, colored pencils, gel pens, watercolors, and kids' markers. By not using expensive supplies and actually going back to those things that helped me fall in love with art in the first place, I am invoking the child artist inside and all the uninhibited feelings that the child can bring to the art table. It is a remarkable experience...


  1. Oh and such a beautiful result! I could get ost in your designs... the colors are sooooo rich! Everyone soo different but there is a theme! You do inspire!

    Wishing you the very best!

  2. I think your work is very identifiable! I loooove this lizrdman, excellent! I also enjoy the fact that you openly admit using inexpensive products....I sometimes worry about that! You are a true teacher for your sharing and honesty. Your work is incredible, and has definitely had a hand in pushing me along!

  3. Michelle, this looks like the lizard version of a suave and sophisticated Cary Grant! He's fun, savvy and fabulous!

    You have a VERY identifiable syle, My Friend. Your magnificent journal pages are what drew me to your work. They look as though they're born of the child within. And now I know that you're using the simplist of materials to create these fantastic pages.

    Thank you for bring such joy to start my day! Love & Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. Yes I agree with the others, you have your own style and its great. I would know it if I saw it somewhere other than your blog

  5. What a treasure your zetti journal is going to be! This is great!


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