Friday, August 28, 2009

Simple Materials, Complex Beauty

After a good thirty minutes of thunderous purring, Miss Tuscany has rumbled to a halt, sighed and settled into my lap for a early morning nap and I, however awkwardly, can get on with the business of writing a blog post.

This is a postcard I created for Nancy Baumiller's Crowabout collage group (email Nancy to sign up). All images are from Nancy's fabulous collage sheets provided for use by the group for weekly challenges. And can you guess what the background is made of? Paper towels! That's right; the upper part of the card's background consists of dyed and stamped paper towels while the lower third of the card (black and turquoise part) features hand painted brown paper bags. I absolutely adore making my own papers; in fact, of all the things I do in the studio, making serendipity papers and backgrounds is probably my number one favorite activity. It is spontaneous, meditative, and just plain messy fun. I could spend hours painting, dying, stamping, and stitching my way to piles of handmade papers (and often do!). The simpliest materials can be transformed into complex, beautiful backgrounds.


Terri Kahrs said...

Michelle, you NEVER cease to amaze! Who'd even guess that this gorgeous piece was created with paper towels and brown paper bags!?! Fabulous!

I saw both of your Crowabout entries on Flickr and fell in love with the dreamy, romantic look and all of the texture. Thanks SO much for sharing your techniques. Hope you have a super (pain free) weekend. Hugs & love, Terri xoxo

PS - Your new students would ADORE making handpainted papers! :)

sharon said...

Well, that just blows me away!! You teach me something everyday Michelle! When I saw this on flickr last night I fell in love with it, it was so soft and pretty, I really thought it was fabric!! And you share this with us, you are soo giving!
I also want to say I really appreciate how you are budget concious all the time. In spending some time blog surfing, I see a lot of product name dropping, and the prices are way out of my family and I are struggling in these hard ecomomic times, and you always make me feel better about using what I have on hand. Thanks again Michelle! Have a great weekend!

Janny said...

It's gorgeous!

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