Monday, August 17, 2009

Dancin' Fool

There's a whole lot of new art coming at you this week as I am going through a "rediscovery" of the journal you see here. I have so many journals that I start and stop, working feverishly in one or two for a while, and then "abandoning" them in favor of others waiting patiently on the shelf. It helps keep me journaling on a regular basis; I complete at least one, usually two, and sometimes three or more entries in a day. Some journals are strictly mixed media; some, like this "World Within" journal, are entirely hand drawn (with the exception of the heads and the occasional ransom note application.) Some are for "Dear Diary" ramblings and others are more like personal storybooks with the characters I create representing and communicating some aspect of my personality. There are people out there who are "kitchen sink" journalers, in which they work in and complete one journal before moving on to the next. Whether you like to keep a couple of journals going at once or you subscribe to the "one at a time" method, it is extremely important to journal in whatever manner feels the most authentic and comfortable for you.


  1. When I opened your blog, I let out a huge, "Oooooooo"!!! Miss Beatrice Bearymoore is perfectly DIVINE!!! I have a "thing" for bears - it's my husband's nickname! LOL And no one in our house likes a grumpy bear!

    The background on this page is totally scrumptious, Michelle. Can't wait to see more of your art this week. Hope you had a super weekend! (Somehow, I think you DID! LOL) Love & Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. Love everything about this Michelle!!

  3. Another joy to behold! What a talent!!


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