Monday, July 27, 2009

Wandering & Wondering

Here's another page in my circle journal...I've been wandering in and out of the studio, working on bits of this and bits of that, whittling away at my master "To Do" list. September is coming up fast like a train that looks like it is just lumbering along in the distance until it rushes past, blowing back your hair in its wake.

I'm also trying to figure out what to do with the Lost Coast Post. I'd like to move a little bit beyond just chattering about my art and daily doings. Now that I'm posting more, I'm finding that I am sometimes running out of things to say. Maybe a challenge day?? I love thinking up challenge topics, especially ones that aren't overused. Perhaps, some more step-by-step posts and more tips and techniques...what do you think, dear readers?


  1. Oh, don't stop the "chatter"! It's what I read when I'm having my morning coffee! Everyone seems to like tips and techniques. I'm always willing to learn and/or try something new.

    Love the journal page! Yummy colors and an inspired way to present the age-old "daisy game"! Hugs, Terri xoxo

    PS While you're waiting for the train, don't forget to look 'round the station! LOL

  2. Oh I would love to see more technique tips or how you get your lucius layers! Challenges would be awesome!

  3. Michelle, your layers amaze me, and God knows I could sure use tips, and I need to learn everything!! You do what you feel, but I look forward to your wonderful art and posts! I always like a good challenge too!

    BTW, thank you so much for the compliment on my ATC's, it means a lot!

  4. tips and techniques would be great, I also enjoy your chatter.

  5. love it! i'm bound and determined to get mine in the mail to you. the kids are now officially unscheduled so i am the ring leader. i will have to set my clock to get up before them. otherwise i cannot think straight let alone paint. and as for lost coast post, show me your world, tell me your inspirations, discuss your process, what leads you to one thing (color, style, medium) instead of another. that's all i've got off the top of my tired head. xo

  6. I enjoy your chatter - I am inspired by your art - I benefited greatly from your step-by-step collage "lesson" - so I will keep reading regularly and would really appreciate more tips and techniques!


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