Monday, July 20, 2009

The Queen Ponders

Meet Her Majesty Harriet Hagfish, another alter ego from my "World Within" journal. Some may wonder at the title of this project so here's how it came about...the pages are contained in a three-ring binder I decorated in black, white, and silver with the tiniest window cut in the cover so just the smallest bit of the journal's contents are visible from the outside. Inside, are pages like this one, physical manifestations of my imagination, characters that represent various aspects of my personality, oft hidden from the world. I haven't worked in this journal much since the hand surgery...partly because the pages are so labor-intensive but also because I tend to burn white-hot in a journal for a while and then the embers fade and I move on to another idea. I've been revisiting this particular journal a lot lately though and I think I could be gearing up mentally for another round. I am also considering submitting this journal to Somerset Studio's Art Journaling publication. Two pages have already been published; you can find them in LK Ludwig's outstanding book True Vision. However, sending the journal away means it will be out of my hands for a considerable amount of time and letting go is tough. We'll just have to see where the current takes me...


  1. Outstanding Michelle! I do wish you would submit it so I can see it!! But your heart will tell you what to do......

  2. Just got back from a long weekend away, and couldn't wait to check in to see what you're up to.

    I ADORE HRH!!! Michelle, ALL of the characters in this journal are beyond wonderful. Art Journaling is the perfect showcase for these wonderful pages. Your work is SO fresh and creative. It would teach, enlighten and inspire many, but I can understand your hesitation. Waiting is a good idea! Hugs, Terri xoxo


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