Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pink Dream

This one is for pink lovers and girly girls everywhere! I do bounce around, don't I? LOL From surreal to sweet, that's me lately. After the wrist fusion in March of 2008, I was faced with relearning everything and retraining my hand to do the simplest tasks. In physical therapy, I started out by just working my hand into a fist that could hold something. Luckily, after much pre-surgery research, I had requested that my surgeon fuse my wrist at a slight fifteen degree angle so making a fist is easier. As things gradually progressed and got moving again, I tried a little bit of everything, every material and tool I could think of in order to retrain my hand how to hold and use what I needed to be an artist. Since I couldn't (and still can't) stay with one activity or motion too long without causing pain, I move from project to project so I can work longer (and with less backlash) than if I tried to pound out 20 of the same thing in a day. I have several "stations" set up throughout the house, upstairs and downstairs, so I can continually change what I ask of my hand. It results in quite a hodgepodge of completed projects (and a bevy of uncompleted ones) but it seems to work for me. Pretty good since that the surgeon originally told me my art career would be over after this surgery. Ha! Take that, stodgy medical establishment!

Anyway, after this piece receives a protective (and yummy-smelling) coat of beeswax, it will be available in my Etsy shop.


  1. So pretty and artsy, Michelle!!!
    So glad you're feeling well and arting up a storm-hooray!!

  2. while i am not a girly girl, i still love this happy pink dream. and you are so smart to have these stations to keep your hand ever moving in different ways. here's to your wonderful, clever, unstoppable self!! hip hip hurray!

  3. I just found your blog through Kelly Snellings and think your art is wonderful! Loved seeing the paper bag book on Kelly's blog today, the cover is wondrous!! I will be back to look at more. I am a jewelry artist, formally trained in painting, and currently itching to do mixed media and ATC's. Don't really have a lot of confidence in that area yet, but you , Kelly, and some other girls are very inspiring!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment, I really appreciate it! Sounds like you have had a rough time with your hand, but I am glad you have a system for persevering! I will be back often as I have a lot to learn! Again, you inspire! I have just spent the last 45 minutes browsing ATC supply sites, and my head is spinning!

  5. Never, e-v-e-r, say never to a determined, talented, passionate woman!!! Good for you, Melissa! You GO, girl! You've been to the depths, yet you have managed to grow new wings and are soaring!!!! Kudos and Bravo! You are an inspiration! (And I meant every exclamation point including this one!)

    This piece is deliciously feminine! What a sweet little goddess, so joyful and happy. Hugs & Healing Blessings, Teri xoxo

  6. OK, so now I know the health issues you're dealing with. The doctor probably did you a favor by throwing down the gauntlet. You sound like a determined trooper to me. You go girl!


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