Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Tiny Pages

Oy! I am clenching my teeth as my fur baby, Tuscany Jane, enthusiastically kneads my lap with her needle- sharp toes. Ahhh...there now...she's finally content to curl up and settle down and so I can continue this post entry in a more relaxed fashion. It is amazing to see how far this formerly feral little thing has come in almost eight months. Tuscany still doesn't care much for company (she'll sniff their feet and then turn tail & hide) but she has proved a be a very snuggly companion for me. And as she purrs rather loudly in appreciation of my flannel robe, I'll try to continue typing while reaching over her head...
This post features a couple of more tiny journal pages (3 by 5 inches in case you missed a previous post about these). They really are quite fun if perhaps a bit tedious. However, I think I love to work small. It feels a bit like quilting...deciding on colors, snipping little pieces, determining placement, attaching, and finally, embellishing a bit to integrate the elements together. (The tiny house 'scapes I'm creating for an upcoming show also make me feel like I'm quilting with paper.) I also like these little journal pages because they are so portable. Adding real stitching to these is definitely a possibility as I can just slip the pages right under the sewing machine's foot and zoom, zoom! I'll have to give that a try! I'm just getting started in this journal format and I have yet to discover all that can be done in such a small space. It reminds me of when I was creating ATCs. At first, the size seems restrictive but as the possibilities open up, it starts to feel bigger and bigger. I'm sure my pages will evolve over the next few days. So much for not starting something new....


  1. Although these may be tiny, they still pack a huge "artistic" punch! Your backgrounds are filled with yummy colors and the graphics fill the spaces beautifully. Love them, Michelle! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. I am running out of beautifully descriptive adjectives for your outstanding work Michelle!! They are sooooo amazing and you inspire me evry day in more ways than you can know! Thank you for always sharing!!


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