Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Beautiful Messes

In happy, happy news, I found out that in the fall I will be teaching art three days a week instead of one at my son's school! I've taught at this small charter school for three years now and I am so excited as this spells an expansion of my role as artist-in-residence and since my classes will run the course of the entire school year (instead of a semester at a time,) I will have much more time to help the kids make beautiful messes.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will have 15 to 20 high school students for a class exploring Hispanic and Spanish art (Latin American & Spanish art was my emphasis for my art history minor.) I've already worked on the syllabus for this class which will include a brief introduction to an artist and then an art project inspired by that artist's work. In this class, we'll study Mexican graphic artist Jose Posada and carve our own stamps. We'll create fantasy landscapes in water soluble oil pastels using Argentine artist Xul Solar as inspiration, create cubist self-portraits after studying Pablo Picasso, make mini mixed media quilts in honor of Frida Kahlo and finally, complete a paneled mural after studying about Diego Rivera and the Mexican Mural Movement.

On Fridays, I will have 33 middle school students! These guys are studying geography all year so although I have yet to write things in stone, I believe we will study an artist or artistic technique from each of the continents (excepting Antartica). There are so many fabulous artists to choose from and so little time! At the end of the school year, this school always takes a school trip that sums up what they've learned during the year and 2010 will be no exception. The students will be spending a week in San Francisco, practicing their geography and navigating skills throughout the city, eating foods from different cultures, and visiting art museums.

I am so honored to be able to contribute to a school that is refusing to cut their art program in these tough economic times but is, instead, expanding it! Hooray for going against the current!


Terri Kahrs said...

Hip, hip, horray & YAY!!!! This is AWE-some news, Michelle! No one remembers the names of the gladiators, but they DO remember the art and architecture of Rome!

How wonderful! Congrats are definitely in order!!! Your syllabus sounds WONDERFUL! It sounds as though you've given this a lot of thought and have put your heart and soul into it. Lucky, lucky kids!!! Lucky school to have made the decision to have chosen talented YOU!!!! HUGE Congratulatory Hugs! Terri xoxo

Tami Roth said...

Congratulations, Michelle! Well deserved and they are lucky to have you!!

jackie said...

What wonderful and exciting news!! Your students are very lucky to have such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher - I am very happy for you and for them!!

sue said...

Wow, you will be busy!! Your students are totally lucky to have you. Congratulations!

WildGoose said...

Congratulations-sounds like it will be fun!

artsyfran said...

Fabulous news! I'm so excited for you. Those are some lucky school kids!

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