Friday, July 17, 2009

Live Like That Crooked Tree

"I need to live like that crooked tree
that knelt down in the hardest winds
but could not be blasted away..."
- Edward Hirsch

Here's another page from my brand-new circle journal (inside front cover). I absolutely love this quote! As my 40th birthday shows itself on the horizon, I have been reflecting on the last decade of my life. It has been intense to say the least: six surgeries (and all the recovery time that has entailed), eight deaths in the family...sigh...the winds have definitely been in my face the last ten years and all along, despite everything negative that I could say, I've been leaning into the storm, and ever so slightly moving forward. Step by step, head down, coat clutched tight about my heart.

And as I ponder what the next ten years will bring, I look forward to trying to document the next year of my life in some special way. Erin at 365 Days of Being 30 decided that when she turned 30, she would create an art piece for each day of that year. I think it is a brilliant concept and I am trying to decide whether or not I'm up to creating a journal page a day (although I'm already damn close to that anyway.) A couple of Januaries back, I resolved to create five inchies (inch-by-inch art) a day for a year and sadly, I only made it to mid-February. Maybe one inchie a day would be more reasonable...or perhaps a twinchie (2 by 2 inches). I've seen other people on the Internet make an art doll or take a photograph a day. A contributor to the magazine Cloth Paper Scissors created a small handmade book every day for a year. Hmmm...any thoughts out there?


Brian K said...

That would be a cool ambitious project! Perhaps strive for one item a day... life does happen to get in the way and you could make up for it with an additional two to three? I find some days are more productive than others... some days the juices just don't flow! Your work is sooo special and wonderful!

Taluula said...

What a wonderful quote, I shall remember and use that sometime. Gorgeous colours too.

sharon said...

I think you should do what you feel, and it will be right. I don't like to put pressure on myself, at least added pressure. Goals are good, but only if it's not forced. In hearing the story of your troubles, I think you are doing an amazing job of accomplishments.... producing THINGS is not the only way to accomplishment. Every work I see that you do is an inspiration to me and I'm sure to many others! Hugs!

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