Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Littlest Journal

A couple posts back, I was pondering the idea of starting a new journal or art project to document my 40th year day by day and after much consideration, I've decided against it as I have so many journals already in progress and between them all, I already complete at least one journal page a day. Often, I do much more than that. I'd like to get the journals I do have filled rather than starting some huge project with self-imposed expectations when I'm already up to my nose in pending deadlines. That said, I couldn't resist trying out a new journal format. I've had the pages painted for this for awhile but somehow the stuff got tucked away and as it goes, "out of sight, out of mind."
Can you guess how big this journal page is?? Depending on your computer screen, it's probably showing actual size - 3 by 5 inches. For a journal page, that's teeny tiny. It was fun and challenging to work so small. The base material is painted watercolor paper cut to index card size and I will, of course, keep these pages in a decorative index card file box! My son suggested that I could also punch a hole in one corner, set and eyelet and display the pages on a ring. Oh, what big potential such a little space has...


  1. Wow! You pack sooo much color in a tiny space! Very cool! And a great idea!

  2. Oh Michelle...I looove it!! The combination of elements, design, and color is perfect!! I am finding also that the small size is challenging, but I like it. I think the idea of putting them on a ring is fantastic.
    You have inspired my Tuesday!!! I think the collage technique is my favorite, and your signature swirls I always see in there!!

  3. Michelle, this little page is absolutely charming! What a great concept. These pages will be "little jewels" to commemorate a wonderful year. Love the idea of doing one small page at a time. Bound journals seem SO daunting at times. And your son's idea of attaching them to a ring is brilliant! If you use his idea, you could even do a few "chunky" pages! Hugs, Terri xoxo

    PS - Did I miss your Birthday or is it coming up soon?


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