Monday, July 13, 2009

A Beautiful Circle Begins

Sometimes a project comes along that is a "must-do", an opportunity that is sure to fill one's life with lessons, laughter, and in this case, lots of art! Awhile back, I proposed a circle journal exchange to my dear sweet friend, Kelly. Kelly has not only been a wise, kind shoulder to lean on through my health challenges but an amazing artistic muse. My painting will never be the same after having had the pleasure of seeing her work in person through a variety of swaps. If there was anyone that I wanted to do a circle journal with, Kelly was it. Can you tell I'm a huge fan?!Well, now is the time and we are moving forward with this project! I am so excited! I've been zigzagging canvas pages, stitchin' on stars, slinging paint and rockin' the house with 80s music while I prepare my journal. There's no set theme, just two gals working in a pair of raw canvas journals that will circle in and out of our lives and studios over the next few months. This photo shows the journal I'll be tossing into the ring and the cover as it stands at this very moment. I may play with it some more but I am stepping back for a while, letting it rest in my head before I throw too much at it and ruin what I've got. Look for scans of more pages from this journal throughout the week as I prepare for the first mailing.


  1. Am loving this concept and this journal cover too! Now I'm anxious to see more after this wonderful little peek, Michelle! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. Michelle, this looks like a wonderful project, and you have started it off with a bang!!! The starry eyed girl is lovely!!! BTW, I love Tallulah, and I feel like her these days...trying to learn mixed media and still work on jewelry.....
    I spent 4 hours Sat. night and only came up with 4 ATC's, two of which I think are not really that good, it just doesn't seem to want to flow...or I'm trying to hard. Kelly had sweet words for me, and said I should sounds easy enough. Anyway, your work is beautiful!

  3. LOVE your 'circle journal' Michelle!!!!

  4. you are too generous, michelle. but you have made my heart swell when it was feeling tender so i will thank you, thank you rather than deflect your most kind compliments as i am prone to do. i am so excited to get started! i've had to travel to three stores to finally get the canvas i needed. whew. but i have it as of today and am wearing my apron right now. i may need some iced coffee to get very far but i am extremely enthused and eager to start. i am leaning toward something that is sure to be a challenge. hee, hee. but you know how it goes, have one thing in mind make something else entirely. mwah!

  5. I love this page.The colors, the images...fabulous!


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