Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Queen Speaks

Another page from my commonplace journal that draws heavily on the collage sheets created by Nancy Baumiller...more wings and pointy hats, folks! Butterflies have become significant for me in the past year as this post-wrist fusion time has truly been one of metamorphosis: trying to rediscover or, in many cases, reinvent my artistic abilities and style as I learn how to do things with a wrist that will never bend again. I've been using butterflies a lot in my work as a reminder of my past and my goals for the future, as a symbol of all I should appreciate in the present. Sometimes, what looks like the blatant co-opting of the trendy is instead a sincere expression of the artist's personal belief system through an archetypal image. Now, I can't explain the pointy hat obsession except to say that I like them. And what the Queen likes, the Queen gets.


  1. And your Queen Rules!!! Love her and her beautiful wings! Hugs, Terri

  2. God Bless your wrist and you.

    Mary :-)


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