Monday, June 22, 2009

Marvelous Error

I think another bright, warm blog entry is in order to chase away the greys. It is so important to hold onto and treasure the sunshine we carry around in our hearts so that no matter the weather (literal and figurative), we can remember what brightness looks like and use that memory as a beacon through the fog. That's my little warm fuzzy cliche for the day.

Lots of collage going on in this page as I got overly enthusiastic with the layering. 26 individual pieces make up this piece; when I have so many things going on, I lay everything in place without gluing down, determine the exact look of the page and then work backwards, gluing down the first layer first and so on. In this journal, I start with a background of Basic Gray scrapbook paper that I will further embellish with simple stamping and painting. Typically, when I journal, I create the background entirely from scratch but in this book, I use the scrapbook paper to give myself a colorful headstart. I've cut and mounted several pages worth of backgrounds so as I finish one page, I can move onto the next. And because the final compositions are so complex, I keep those backgrounds super simple so they don't overwhelm my chosen imagery. Just a few journaling tips for this marvelous Monday...


  1. Thank you for this bright, cheerful and uplifting page! It's a bit of much-needed sunshine on yet another dreary day! Love, love, love this page! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. Gorgeous! And I appreciate the tips!


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