Monday, June 1, 2009

A Love Letter

Dear Sweet Tuscany Jane,
You've been with us seven months now and oh, how you have changed our lives. Prescribed by my physician as a companion animal, you have been the very best medicine for a broad variety of hurts. And while there are some side effects (cat hair everywhere), I have found that your soft love soothes my soul like nothing else. This is my love letter to you in honor of your first birthday:

I love how you sleep all night (!!), snuggled under the covers and curled up against my chest or in my arms. You can be a bit of a bed piggie but your contented, rumbling purr chases away all the spooks lurking in the dark. I love how you join me at the computer while I type, raising your head every so often for a lingering scratch under the chin. I love that you love the most inexpensive toys: a crumpled piece of paper, a pompom, a toilet paper roll. I love how you wait curiously as I get on my hands and knees with a flashlight to dig your playthings out from underneath the couch. I love that every morning, after you have stretched out the night's snooze, you hunt me, wiggling your butt before striking sans claws, just a little love tap to let me know breakfast should be served. I love that your meows are infrequent but purposeful, as if you only speak when you have something very important to say. I promise to listen. And most of all, I love that you love me, that you seem to know when I am down, that you lend your warmth, softness, and silliness to my recovery without asking for anything in return except good food, a clean litter box, and a perfectly shaped lap.


  1. I can really appreciate this post Michelle. We have a kitty now too. And he is a little love. I haven't had one since I lived at home with my parents. (long time) Glad to hear your sweet little friend brings you so much joy and healing.

  2. Oh Michelle,your post makes me realise how much I miss my cats!We had 2 sisters(Pi and Co) and we lost the last one 1,5 year ago.They truly are soulcompanions.I am so happy for you for this friend in your life!

  3. Oh what a sweet post --and I so identify with the healing power of pets! I hope to see a future cat journal page from you!

  4. Oh what a precious love letter to your beautiful kitty, Michelle!!! I'm a huge cat fan (I have 3) and will never be without one (or more). Hugs,


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