Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just Curious...

Tossing this idea out into the blogverse and those people that follow Lost Coast Post and my work: Any interest out there in an online art journaling class?? I don't have a video camera so there'd be no videos involved but rather lots of PDFs and personal, on-demand tutorial, assistance, and encouragement via a Yahoo group specifically created for such an endeavor. Given my current schedule, if I did decide to do this, it would happen this fall so I would have time to complete my show obligations and to prepare class documents. If you think you might be intrigued by this idea, shout out in the comments section...


  1. me,me,me!!!I would love to follow your classes!

  2. Oh yes please. Count me in.

  3. Yes, I love your art and your writings and would love to learn from you!
    jackie smith


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