Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello Dollies!

I'm taking another online class and this one is pure fun! The lovely wild child artist Suzi Blu has her very own online school called Les Petit Academy where she teaches some fabulous, glittery art classes. I love Suzi's unabashed enthusiasm for life and art and I have discovered she is an incredible teacher as well. In the class I'm taking, "Les Petit Dolls," I am learning how to draw, shade and construct a pretty, pretty face and figure...sigh! Finally! Faces I can love! In between all my other busy-ness, I am trying to get back into creative writing. I used to love to create altered storybooks and write children's stories but it all fell by the wayside as other stuff crowded into my artistic life. Now, I think I'm ready to reaquaint myself with my old work and come up with some fresh illustrations for it all.

These faces are my first shaded faces for class. I am no stranger to colored pencil work as I used to do a ton of scientific illustration but I've never known how to shade a face...ummm...never even drew faces with any measure of contentment. Under Suzi's detailed and patient tutelage, I've learned all sorts of little tips and techniques for drawing and shading a pretty girl face. I've forgotten how meditative colored pencil work can be...I could draw and shade faces all day! As far as the figure is concerned, I plan to cut these out of my sketchbook and attach them to canvas board along with collaged bodies. I'm going to stray from Suzi's particular techniques just a little because I want to make these dollies my own and that's what's so fab about this class...Suzi provides the springboard and the encouragement to leap! The possiblities are endless...
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  1. These are lovely, Michelle! Each has such a distinct personality. I'm happy to hear that you're resurrecting your children's stories. I think there's a wonderful story and drawings hidden inside just waiting to be told! You GO, Girl! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. Great faces!! I love the dark haired girl. Wow!!

  3. Oh,Michelle,you are just so full of energy and new plans!Love you faces!

  4. Your faces are divine, Michelle! I took Suzi's class but procrastinator ME has not done the lessons yet! I adore Suzi's technique and methods of teaching!


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