Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Grey, Grey, Go Away

"Stop looking for something out there
And begin seeing within;
Open your arms if you want an embrace;
Break the earthen idols
And release the radiance."
As I write this, the swallows are out on the balcony trying to sing out the sun with their distinctive set of warbles and whistles. June gloom has settled in over the Pacific coast; everything is seemingly draped in an oppressive grey blanket. I'll be glad when summer begins to shine in its full glory but in the meantime, I'll draw on my stores of inner sunshine and break out a palette full of bright pinks, yellows and oranges....maybe a dash or two of turquoise for good measure...ahhh...things are feeling warmer already....


Brian K said...

As I was reading this about June Gloom I am wondering what city are you in? I am in Long Beach CA and I was feeling the very same thing...!

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