Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Re: Comments & Journaling Questions

First off, I want to thank anyone and everyone who has perused my blog and maybe even taken the added time to post a comment or two. Please know that all your thoughts and kind words are greatly appreciated. Also know that if there was an easier way to trackback to the comment-makers, I would reply to comments much more often, especially if asked. As it stands, unlike Typepad, Blogger only points me in the direction of who makes comments by providing their profile link. Some people have elected not to share their profile and if that's the case, there's no way I can work my way back to their blogs. If the profile is available, I can get to the originating blogs but it is all very time-consuming and tedious, especially if there are multiple comments.

So hey, if you want a reply, please include your email in your comment. Sometimes people ask questions and I want to be able to answer. Speaking of questions, if you have specific questions about how I journal, leave your questions on THIS POST and I'll answer them in a future post as best I can. Been getting a sprinkling of "How do you do its"...


Cecilia said...

how do you make your pages so colorful? (the one dated 5-3-09 Journal love)
Love your blog!

Cecilia said...

How do you make your journal pages so colorful? My email: amysticmuse@gmail.com
Love your blog,

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