Saturday, May 2, 2009

Every Day in May at Lost Coast Post: Day 2

I was visiting's Kelly's fabulous blog this morning, pondering all the yummy visual goodness that I always find there and discovered that Miss Kelly is joining French Toast Girl's mission to make art every day in May. I thought that sounded like a grand idea to aim for so I am jumping on this bandwagon along with several other industrious artists who hope to develop (or reinforce) a daily habit of visiting their studio space and actually doing something productive there. The "Every Day in May" guidelines are ridiculously simple:
Create something each day in May; it doesn't have to be a complete work (although in theory one could have 31 artistic somethings completed by the end of the month.) I have a pretty solid habit of spending time in the studio every day but my challenges will be completing a piece each day AND (here's the biggie, folks) posting on my blog every day. Ouch! As I said, we'll see how far I get...what is the old saying? Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you'll just land amid stars. My first completed piece for the EDM challenge is this little peacock prince, created on a 5-inch square canvas board


Kelly said...

this bird is awesome!

lee said...

Oh I love this bird, makes you happy...of course I am a colour junkie and the colour is fantastic.

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