Friday, May 1, 2009

Be Still, Sweet Diva & Listen

I am continuing my stenciled journal page series with only the occasional aid of actual spray paint. The mandala page was created entirely without spray paint and the diva page has some sprayed sequin waste pattern in the background. Generally speaking though, I am "confined" to spray inks and acrylic paints. Someone asked in a previous post about my ratio of water to ink when I make up my sprays. It can vary depending on the color and the color intensity I'm looking for, but I think I'm using approximately 60 drops of ink to a little less than 2 ounces of water. I offered a step-by-step breakdown of one of my pages that spread out over nine scans but I am finding that there are many, many more layers and steps than that as my work evolves. I'll think a page as finished, set it aside in the portfolio, stumble across it a few days later and tweak it some more. There is a point when the page is completely finished; it is a quietly intuitive moment when I look at a page and feel a soft
flutter of release and contentment. New art journalers sometimes wonder where to stop when working on a page. This may sound bizarre but my best advice is "Listen to Your Eye." The eye is directly hardwired to your brain and the brain responds positively to specific visual "rules." Odd number groupings of objects, asymetrical balance (in both size and placement), layouts that keep the eye from roaming off the page...all these compositional elements are pleasing to the brain and if you feel your eyes pleasantly circling around a grouping of images, stop. If you feel like something is missing, it is probably because your eye wandered off the page looking for something more to look at. Trust your instincts.


Kate said...


I love the Be Still piece. I love that you added pattern to the burst of rays. That's a fantastic idea.


Mary said...

Found your blog the other day and I love it. Your explanation of when a piece is finished-- right on. Thanks for sharing

Janny said...

Gorgeous work!

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