Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bitsy Owls on Canvas

I'm working on a new idea for a show featuring art quilties and in the process, developing a line of sweet stationery featuring tiny original paintings on canvas. So fun to make! I find this process of teeny, tiny sketching, painting, and crafting very peaceful and soothing! So much less pressure than a stark white 2 by 3 foot stretched canvas! Here's a peek at my first set of cards (called "The Owlery"). They are available now at my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Fortune Teller's Quiltie

I sat down last night, finally feeling recharged after a couple of exhausting teaching sessions last week, pulled out some serendipity papers and the sewing machine and started to play. Ahhh...there's nothing like simply fooling around in the goal, no plan, no deadline. I think I even whistled while I worked. This piece came together fast and it was oh, so fun. Love, love, love making art quilties even as my poor machine chunka, chunka, chunkas through the papers. Add some trim, some polymer clay accents, some sequins, beads, and an ATC I made back in 2005, and viola! Can't wait to make another...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stuffie Love

I've been uber-busy as of late, teaching 40 middle and high school squirrels how to sew their very own stuffed monsters. That's 40...all at once! Whew! I come home and literally fall into bed with my shoes on, snoring, I think, before I even hit the pillow. In the next couple of weeks, the students will be traveling with their stuffies, taking photographs along the way, documenting all they experience through the eyes of the creature they made. I am so proud of the kids as they have worked very hard to turn their two-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional reality. This photo shows some of the stuffies I made as examples to show the class. I wanted to take photos of the students' work but they took those babies home as soon as the last stitch fell into place.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birdies, Birdies Everywhere

I've been a busy girl in the past week, working on a series of little birdie paintings for my Etsy shop. On 5 by 5-inch square canvases and finished off with a whimiscal checkerboard edge, these feathered friends are ready to grace your nest.

I have some big shows looming in the fall, events that will require 20 to 40 larger pieces per venue and here I am, completely enthralled with painting little things. I don't even want to think about how many of these 5-inch canvases it would take to fill up a show space. However, they do settle in nicely at Etsy and as an added bonus, they are easy on the hands and shoulders. Leaning over a big canvas is tiring and slow work. Relatively speaking, painting these babies is easy peasy.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stars in Her Hair {EDM day 6}

"She had stars in her hair and hope in her heart..."

I've been working on this little lady for the last few days...realistic human faces and figures still prove to be quite a challenge for me and I don't think that even if I was really good at painting faces that I would use them all that much in my work. I tend to gravitate towards the bit funky and downright Zetti. However, I like to push my way outside of my comfort zone every now and again, just so I can expand the confines of my artistic box.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Re: Comments & Journaling Questions

First off, I want to thank anyone and everyone who has perused my blog and maybe even taken the added time to post a comment or two. Please know that all your thoughts and kind words are greatly appreciated. Also know that if there was an easier way to trackback to the comment-makers, I would reply to comments much more often, especially if asked. As it stands, unlike Typepad, Blogger only points me in the direction of who makes comments by providing their profile link. Some people have elected not to share their profile and if that's the case, there's no way I can work my way back to their blogs. If the profile is available, I can get to the originating blogs but it is all very time-consuming and tedious, especially if there are multiple comments.

So hey, if you want a reply, please include your email in your comment. Sometimes people ask questions and I want to be able to answer. Speaking of questions, if you have specific questions about how I journal, leave your questions on THIS POST and I'll answer them in a future post as best I can. Been getting a sprinkling of "How do you do its"...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Journal Love & EDM Day 3

Today was not a great health day for me (I have those from time to time) so my contribution to "Every Day in May" (hereby known as "EDM") for this Sunday, May 3, is some simple journal love. I have multiple journals in progress all at the same time. Some are "storybook" journals for my creative writing, some are full of inspirational stuff, one is entirely in black, white, & red when that mood hits me, one is for the really "heavy" garbage, and among others, there's the one pictured above, my "everyday" journal. I work in it first thing every morning and I just love it. It is bright and fun and funky and totally filled with bits of daily mumblings, grumblings, and wonderings. I make these journals by hand out of an old book cover and tons of serendipity paper scraps and Zetti-like scrapbook papers. This one is about a week from being completely full. Never fear! I've already made volume two and it's waiting patiently in the wings to be filled with all the most random and mundane thoughts I can muster.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Every Day in May at Lost Coast Post: Day 2

I was visiting's Kelly's fabulous blog this morning, pondering all the yummy visual goodness that I always find there and discovered that Miss Kelly is joining French Toast Girl's mission to make art every day in May. I thought that sounded like a grand idea to aim for so I am jumping on this bandwagon along with several other industrious artists who hope to develop (or reinforce) a daily habit of visiting their studio space and actually doing something productive there. The "Every Day in May" guidelines are ridiculously simple:
Create something each day in May; it doesn't have to be a complete work (although in theory one could have 31 artistic somethings completed by the end of the month.) I have a pretty solid habit of spending time in the studio every day but my challenges will be completing a piece each day AND (here's the biggie, folks) posting on my blog every day. Ouch! As I said, we'll see how far I get...what is the old saying? Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you'll just land amid stars. My first completed piece for the EDM challenge is this little peacock prince, created on a 5-inch square canvas board

Friday, May 1, 2009

Be Still, Sweet Diva & Listen

I am continuing my stenciled journal page series with only the occasional aid of actual spray paint. The mandala page was created entirely without spray paint and the diva page has some sprayed sequin waste pattern in the background. Generally speaking though, I am "confined" to spray inks and acrylic paints. Someone asked in a previous post about my ratio of water to ink when I make up my sprays. It can vary depending on the color and the color intensity I'm looking for, but I think I'm using approximately 60 drops of ink to a little less than 2 ounces of water. I offered a step-by-step breakdown of one of my pages that spread out over nine scans but I am finding that there are many, many more layers and steps than that as my work evolves. I'll think a page as finished, set it aside in the portfolio, stumble across it a few days later and tweak it some more. There is a point when the page is completely finished; it is a quietly intuitive moment when I look at a page and feel a soft
flutter of release and contentment. New art journalers sometimes wonder where to stop when working on a page. This may sound bizarre but my best advice is "Listen to Your Eye." The eye is directly hardwired to your brain and the brain responds positively to specific visual "rules." Odd number groupings of objects, asymetrical balance (in both size and placement), layouts that keep the eye from roaming off the page...all these compositional elements are pleasing to the brain and if you feel your eyes pleasantly circling around a grouping of images, stop. If you feel like something is missing, it is probably because your eye wandered off the page looking for something more to look at. Trust your instincts.
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