Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stencil Play

The weather has been wildly uncooperative for any sort of outdoor art work: it either has been raining in icy torrents or bitterly blustery, dashing my dreams of playing with stencils and spray paint. I am determined to persevere however, and so I have been stenciling the old-fashioned way - inside my cozy, climate-controlled studio with acrylic paint, stubby stencil brushes in all sizes, and makeup sponges. I tore up some watercolor paper, used spray dye inks and created a few vivid backgrounds. In comparison to stenciling with spray paint, inks are just too watery to create sharp edges but I did get some nice shadowy, diffuse background patterns on which to continue mark-making. These are my first two journal pages that I have created for my oh, so fabulous online class. I have plenty of journals in progress but I am using this new loose leaf journal to simply practice and deep thoughts here. Once I gathered my stencils all together, I discovered that I have quite a collection. Cutting my own, except on a very simplistic level, may prove to be a bit too much for my tender hands so I am happy that I have plenty of pre-cut stencils to use. One advantage to stenciling with paint is that I can easily use multiple colors on one stencil without a lot of masking. I think the mandala turned out nice on top of the lace pattern I achieved with the spray inks.
Note: If you have a hankering to join me in stencil play, check out Dispatch from L.A. It's $40 for 4 lessons and I think I got my money's worth with lesson 1 which featured 8 demo videos and a 24 page PDF document...Miss Mary Ann obviously loves what she does and knows her stuff, inside and out. I really think this class could turn my journal style upside down...


  1. These are awesome! I signed up for Mary Ann's class too. I can't wait to see what you stencil next. : D

  2. Fabulous pages!

    Glad you found a way to work despite the weather.


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