Monday, April 13, 2009


The painting is going well as I try to settle on show themes and content for this fall. I have five shows scheduled in four months starting in September! What was I thinking?! And, as if things weren't crazy enough, I am intent on relaunching my Etsy site and/or opening an Artfire store as well as throwing in an open studio before Mother's Day....uh, huh...
This little painting was inspired my studio kitty who, of course, isn't blue but is frequently wide-eyed and ever so dangerously curious. In truth, she is the world's worst studio cat as she has a taste for paintbrushes and knack for standing in exactly the most inconvienent spot. Still, she makes for inspiring subject matter and this piece practically flowed off the brush onto the canvas. Love it when that happens!


  1. Michelle, your stencil play produced some beautiful pages. I like the colors you used.

  2. LOVE your kitty painting!!


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