Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hopeful Magic

Here's a couple more loose leaf journal pages that I completed since yesterday. I'm actually starting to feel a tad grateful for the sucky weather as it is allowing me to rediscover a love for stenciling. Back when I did more "crafty" things than art, I used to stencil a lot but the tools were pretty limited. Since those days, the selction of pre-cut stencils has improved dramatically and I have many other skills and tools in my bag of tricks.

These pages are grand fun to work on and if I "mess up," I just layer in some more paint or paper and keep right on movin'. Better still, I just let it go (although that is the more difficult option.) Having loose pages is also refreshing as I get oh, so tired of having to deal with the !#$@& wire on spiral bound journals! I don't think I'll try to bind these pages in any way...I'll either simply keep them in the portfolio I already made for class or make another, smaller portfolio...hmmm...the second option sounds like more fun...and I'm all about fun these days. These pages are still pretty precise in layout but I am learning that there can be a happy marriage between precision and sloppy, planned and unplanned, perfection and serendipity. I used to think I wanted to become a "messy" journaler because if I couldn't let go, I wasn't being authentic but it is dawning on me that these pages are a reflection of the real me, someone who loves to play but who also craves order. As I progress in my journaling, I am hopeful that the magic inside will bubble forth just exactly as it was intended all along.


Tami Roth said...

Your "Magic" art is truly that Michelle!!

TonyaA said...

Great Works!
Blessings, peace, and love to you,

Nona said...

This is one of my FAVE pages to date from the Stencilry class! Please tell how you did the flowers (poppies??)

FAB work; a true inspiration to all of us!

Nona, in New Zealand

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