Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dreaming of Stencils

Last Friday, I started an online art class taught by the incredibly talented Mary Ann Moss of Dispatch from L.A. The class is called "Stencilry: Pure Experimentation" and I am definitely getting my money's worth. Miss Moss has poured her heart, soul, time, and energy into this class and I know I will be discovering (or recovering) an entirely fresh way of approaching art journaling. I've been trying to shake the perfection urge for years, even if it is just for one journal. I want to really play, not just play at playing and so far so good. The weather has been completely uncooperative (rain, rain go away!) but I managed to sneak outside in the early morning hours and complete my first assignment...the first picture shows my cover, the next picture is of the back cover and lastly, the inside of my portfolio. I used some lovely red duct tape for the spine and wrapped the edges with black electrical tape. Forgive the shine in the pictures: that silver spray paint is quite enchanting in real life but the camera lens isn't so fond of it. For this class, I've decided to work entirely in black, white (or cream), red, silver, and gold. This is a departure from my fuschia, pumpkin orange, turquoise obsession and yay! for that. I started a red, white, and black journal now as well...just needed another option when I get tired of the color saturation (which isn't too often.) I have many, many journals "in progress" right now and I work in two to three a day, depending on my mood and needs. Whew!


  1. Your portfolio is great! This class is so much fun. I already feel as if I've gotten my money's worth!

  2. can i repost your wonderful portfolio covers over on the class blog? they are fabulous dahling, just fabulous!!!!!!!

  3. This is wonderful and what a fab class that looks like -- I'm jealous!


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