Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blooming Soul

Here are two more pages that grew out of my experiments in stenciling. The weather has turned sunny but it is really still too windy to spray paint. The paint just billows up around me in a toxic, colored fog, regardless of how close I get the nozzle to the paper. I treasure my brain cells so I am indoors, playing with mister bottles of ink and puddles of acrylic paint instead. In some respects it is disappointing (I really wanted to experiment with spray paint) but on the other hand, the circumstances are forcing me to get much more creative with the process of layering images.

Spray painting can create such sheer layers that it is easy to stack many textures and images on top of one another. Acrylics are much more opaque; I need to use a light hand when stenciling and really stop to think about how each color will work (or not work) over or under another color.

I especially like the crow and city page, featuring a poetic snippet from Emily Dickinson: "The Soul selects Her own society..." I wanted to get the effect of looking through some trees to a city beyond. Dealing with perspective meant I had to carefully position images but at the same time, aim for mimicing the serendipitious look of spray painting. In the end, it was a pleasant dance. So, I'll continue merrily along, perhaps even looking forward to the windy days so that I may dance back and forth between Intent and Accident some more.


  1. OMG! I'm a fellow stencil classmate and I just viewed what you posted on Flickr. Love it! Had to tell you!
    ~Mary Mancuso

  2. I just saw these over on M.A.'s blog and I had to come see how you did them without spray paint! They are fantastic!!

  3. I've just visited Mary Ann's blog and saw your work, it's fabulous. I'm also crazy about colour so your work really appeals to me.

  4. i love both of these pages they are fabulous and even w/o spray paint.

  5. I'm a classmate too and just linked here from MA's blog. I love all your pages, and you achieved the feeling of the crow looking over at the city perfectly.
    Really beautiful!

  6. Awesome pages...I came across you by mistake but just had to comment. Beautiful pages!

  7. Beautiful!
    Blessings, peace, and love to you,


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