Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anatomy of a Page: Part 3 of 3

Now we get to the meat of the journal page: focal images and subject matter. At this point, step seven or so, I'm still not sure what my "journaling" will be about or if I'll even have any journaling in the first place. Remember that art journals aren't required to be a combination of words and art. Sometimes a page can be a purely visual experience; sometimes, it's all about the writing. If I really have something to write about, I typically reserve a space on the page once the background is complete. Sometimes, I simply journal around all my images. These particular journal pages have been more visual in focus so for this piece, I started scouting my supplies for images that seem to speak to me.

I had this stencil of a girl in a dress and chose a cream color for her. Ooops! My sponge picked up some of the pumpkin orange I had used earlier so she turned out more peachy than cream. Perfect case of a fortuitous flop as I liked the peach color with the background colors I had chosen. At this point, I also chose to stamp the dictionary definition of art through the stencil once the paint had dried. Hmmm...finally the glimmer of an idea appears on the horizon..."the art inside." So I stencil on the word "ART" and use words clipped from a magazine to complete the phrase. I use a white gel pen to circle it once I'm done.
I also decide to mess with the background some more to help marry the girl to the page. I glop (technical term) some paint on a lid and make some circle marks in cream. I also drip some blue paint down from the top of the page and let it wander down onto the girl's skirt.
This page is almost done. Looking at the phrase "the art inside" triggers the thought that such things need to be released, set free, so the word "Release" gets added to the page. I add this in near the top of the page to form a
sort of visual triangle between "Release," the circled phrase, and the girl. I also decide that the girl stencil needs a bit of definition. I add a shadow with a water-soluble colored pencil to make her stand out some more. Viola! A completed journal page! If you toughed it out through all nine steps, go have yourself a cookie, some coffee or tea, and by all means, journal!


Mary Elizabeth said...

Dear Michelle:
I love your work, it makes me happy. The colors are wonder and thank you for sharing your process.

Nona said...

Thanks so much for your Step-by-Step! It's Way Cool to get to follow the artist's mind through the creative process!

Nona, in New Zealand

Jaxx said...

Thanks for the great tutorial...I just found your blog and am enjoying it very much....Jaxx in Sacramento

Anonymous said...

Michelle--what a terrific tutorial! Great descriptions, along with progressive photos make it so easy to follow. I just love the look of your 'faux spray paint' technique.

jackie said...

I SO enjoyed and benefitted from this wonderful, intricate, colorful tutorial - thank you!!!
jackie s

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