Saturday, March 14, 2009

Soul Terrain

This painting is in response to a post at Kelly's marvelous blog Soul Humming that asked readers to examine the terrain of their inner landscape. After some careful observations through my soul binoculars, this painting was the result. It is also the first work I've done at the easel since my surgery...


  1. I LOVE dripping paint. I have yet to figure out how to do it successfully. I'm not sure my inner landscape would be so pretty...LOL I'm envisioning some cobwebs at the least. :-)

  2. your inner terrain obviously matches the outer you...Both Beautiful! i love the texture and movement in the piece. my eyes go straight to the flower, move through dream and then up and around. perfect!

  3. ooooooh, aaaaaaah something about this piece is tranquil to me. The color is vivid but also soothing. Lovely inner terrain you have Michelle!


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