Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Play's the Thing

"Paintings become the playground of mixtures and solutions coming together to daydream about the soul." - Carlos Rodriguez Amadeo

So this must be what it's like to be fully engaged in the artist's life: things other than art fall away out of sight as the urge to create, create, create rises up and consumes one's time and thoughts...poor, poor blog...in my passion for art-making and art teaching, you are oft neglected...one of these days, I'll figure out how to do it all.

I've been busy exploring all different sorts of avenues in the studio...partly because I keep my new hand going by constantly changing what it is doing so it doesn't tire out on any one task...it lasts about 15 to 20 minutes in one position before getting painful and crampy so I need to adjust my activities frequently...a little bit of typing...some painting...some collage...some writing....a little bit of everything here and there. Also, in my downtime immediately after the surgery, I brainstormed a ton of new ideas and projects and I am having grand fun seeing that storm to fruition.

Of course, I've done some journaling...

And I've been practicing faces with Kelly Rae Robert's book Taking Flight as my guide. I have a ton of cartoon images I'd like to learn to translate into paintings...working on getting the shading just right....

And I've been playing with abstract painting and all the Golden products I've accumulated...

The abstracts are really tugging at my brain (not as easy as you'd think...) but I adore creating them as the "rules" are quite loose, perhaps even non-existent. I wish I could settle on a theme/style/technique as I have some upcoming shows that could definitely use inventory waiting in the wings...for now, however, I'm just enjoying the playtime...


  1. i love the vibrancy of these new pieces! it is wonderful to see you playing and painting and having fun!!

  2. Love the abstract one - beautiful colours and shine!

  3. I've been experimenting with painted faces too! I just love this sweet girl ... and the texures, color, and shading in the abstract piece are divine!

  4. Beautiful work Michelle. I especially like the the girl with wings and the bird in her hands.

    Nice to hear from you.



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