Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Baaaack!

For me, 2008 was all about healing from my right wrist fusion and just as I was getting back into the game of life, I was sidelined (mid-October, right after my last post) with a, make that super-duper nasty dental infection that made my face swell and caused all sorts of agony...lost two teeth but I am soooo much better now and ready to rejoin the blogging world yet again.
Through it all, I've been keeping very busy so I have lots to share. I've been journaling like always, trying out some new looks and techniques. I've been having a grand time with images provided by Nancy Baumiller, aka Crowabout. Every week or so, Nancy posts a delightfully fun collage sheet to download for FREE! Can't beat that! I have chosen to create a commonplace book with her images, creating an illustrated journal of my very favorite quotes.


jackie said...

I am so happy to see you back! Sorry to hear about the dental problems - ouch!!
I appreciate the link to Crowabout's blog - that's a new one to me.
I LOVE your journal! Glad to see your creativity again - I've missed it and you!
jackie, who has NOT forgotten that I still have a gift to send to you!

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