Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dancin' With Bones

...taught a lot of skeletons to dance lately and now it is PARTY TIME! WooooHooo! This is another entry in my commonplace journal...I don't date these entries since it is really more of an artist's book I'm creating but I do remember doing this page right before getting sick last October...thanks Mr. Shaw for a tremendously funny and appropriate bit of wisdom...

Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Baaaack!

For me, 2008 was all about healing from my right wrist fusion and just as I was getting back into the game of life, I was sidelined (mid-October, right after my last post) with a nasty...no, make that super-duper nasty dental infection that made my face swell and caused all sorts of agony...lost two teeth but I am soooo much better now and ready to rejoin the blogging world yet again.
Through it all, I've been keeping very busy so I have lots to share. I've been journaling like always, trying out some new looks and techniques. I've been having a grand time with images provided by Nancy Baumiller, aka Crowabout. Every week or so, Nancy posts a delightfully fun collage sheet to download for FREE! Can't beat that! I have chosen to create a commonplace book with her images, creating an illustrated journal of my very favorite quotes.
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