Monday, September 1, 2008

Just playing...

Since I got my cast off five months ago, I've fielded at least weekly (sometimes daily) well-intentioned, kindly inquiries as to when I am going to start painting again (read: "make some real art")...doctors, physical therapists, counselors, patrons, venue owners, fans, friends, family...if one more person asks...I admit to having taken a gentle, wandering, laidback route back to hard-core, all-day studio work but although I may not be churning out stuff to sell, I have been engaged in one artsy, crafty pursuit or another since just two or three days after the surgery. I started with coloring books, moved into regular journaling, and have slowly worked up to a bunch of personal projects that have been languishing on my wish list since I really fell headfirst in the life of a professional artist mid-July of last year. You know...the kind of stuff that won't win any awards or even pay for a cup of coffee but that definitely feed the soul of an artist: PLAYTIME! And my play projects have served as the perfect, no-pressure re-training ground for my post-fusion hand. Last week, I finally completed altering my first old's the little Featherlite before...

...and after...

I definitely went for "pretty, girlie vintage" on was loads of fun and easy on the will be fun to travel with or simply for carting around art supplies in style if I'm teaching. And when it was finished, I felt an incredible sense of accomplishment; this suitcase has been fidgeting fretfully in my studio for months, self-conscious about its nakedness and eager to get some style on!


  1. I love your transformed suitcase! It's very feminine and fun!

  2. How wonderful! I love the girlie vintage, perfect match for a train case! Your wrist doesn't seem to have affected your very awesome style of art! (wanted to tell you I adore your journal pages too! They are AWESOME!)

  3. i think it is gorgeous! just the shape of it was wonderful to start with but you really made it a super star.

  4. Your pictures of Pastels on the Plaza brought back life on the northcoast! Loved your girlie-girlie suitcast--it is so YOU! Feminine and thoroughly delightful.
    Seeing it together brought many happy memories of making art together.


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