Friday, August 29, 2008

Returning to the World

It has been 4 months since I was allowed to finally meet my new, completely fused right wrist and the "getting-to-know-you" period has been protracted. Physically, things proceeded slowly but surely with lots of physical therapy (still ongoing.) The biggest challenge was/is combating the 39 years' worth of hard-wiring in my brain that tells me how to do things with a flexible wrist while actually using a fixed wrist. The simplest tasks seemed to become Chinese puzzles. life took a turn down a dark corridor for a while as I tried to gain some measure of acceptance, inner peace, and strength in the face of a draining recovery process. For a while, I went into hiding as the world seemed just too bright for comfort.

And now, I am surfacing, breathing deeply and liking what I see. On so many levels, after some therapy, much brutal self-examination, lots of quiet contemplation, a multitude of sunny days spent beneath the garden's jasmine, a little bit of Tai Chi, the unwavering support of friends & family, copious journaling, healthy living and yes, a bit of medication, I feel as if I am entering a time of personal renaissance. My artistic life is still recovering as my wrist continues to strengthen but each new day, I manage a little bit more in the studio. I have show venues booked for 2009 but for now, I am playing, experimenting, testing and retraining my mind and hands. My journals have really taken center stage in the last several months so I have LOTS of new work to show. My journals provided a soft place for my wild emotions to land without judgment. They also became a daily "exercise yard" as I reintroduced my hand to the world of art supplies patiently waiting for me to reach out once again.
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