Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Infinitely Better than Purple

Following my right wrist fusion surgery on February 11, I was trapped in a bulky plaster, gauze, and elastic wrap dressing for 10 days. Then I made the 6 and one-half hour trek down to see my surgeon and received a shiny new purple cast. The doctor was running four hours (!!!!) behind schedule and they had settled me in the cast room, removed the dressing and then the stitches an hour after that and then...I sat there. Eventually, my surgeon wandered in, eyeballed the incision and ordered the new cast. I had had plenty of time to stare at all the possible cast colors, samples of which were displayed on a wall, wrapped around an old cane. Fire engine red, deep blue, some pastels and the most nasty array of florescent colors imaginable. Neon orange would have made me look as if I was wearing a road cone! Ultimately, I chose purple...my first colored cast in 6 surgeries. It looked really pretty - if such things can be pretty but it wasn't "installed" correctly and after a week, I had to have it removed and replaced by a doctor friend of mine. Plain ole white fiberglass...the kind of cast that starts to look very yucky in a very short period of time...bulky, heavy...an all-around pain in the $#@! However, add in a bunch of drawings by my cartooning students and of course, my own budding artist (his little alien dude named Splurg can be seen right by my thumb) and you start to have something a little bit more bearable. A couple of evenings later, I was sitting at my studio table, sponging Staz-On onto a journal page and eyeballing my teen sitting gluing to his computer game. I must have sort of glazed over, pausing in mid-sponge. Daniel looked at me and I glanced down at my cast. Hmmm...vibrant, lively permanent ink...hard, ugly, white surface...the nerve endings in my brain made the connection and I began to sponge ink onto my cast, tentatively at first but then gleefully, wildly. I also ending up doodling with Sharpies and stamping here and there. My son rolled his eyes (as only a teenager can) and laughed, saying "Well, it was only a matter of time." Indeed.

In other matters, I have been journaling like crazy...which means each entry is only taking me two days instead of three. I have lots of pages photographed but I need to get the photos resized and fit for posting. Stay tuned! More art coming!


Kelly Snelling said...

this is WAY better than traffic cone orange or purple! splurg is awesome! and the fish with bubbles is fab, fab, fabulous! yay! happy cast! you gotta find the happy where you can and you are surely doing it!!

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