Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Red-Crowned Blessings

Here's another mixed media/acrylics canvas I completed over the weekend...It's the biggest I've done so far since taking up painting again...24 by 30 inches. This photo is a bit dark; the background is actually a light green onion skin mulberry paper with actual bits of green onion slices and onion skins as inclusions in the paper. I drew and cut a large pattern of the tree and after making sheet music serendipity canvas paper, I recut the tree and mounted it to the background. The symbol in the lower left means "long life." In Chinese symbology, the red-crowned crane is second only to the phoenix in importance and they represent longevity as well.

I created this piece as a gift for the physical therapy clinic I have frequented in the last seven years. The work I do there for my chronic issues is still ongoing and they have been invaluable in helping me stay mobile and relatively medication free even in the face of severe pain. What they do is invaluable, not only for me but for the community at large; They often subsidize PT care for low income clients who otherwise might not be able to attend physical therapy due to severe insurance restrictions. The staff, from the therapists themselves, to the aides and office staff are always friendly, encouraging, and supportive and I wanted to make sure that I told them how much I appreciated what they do. I'm not always so good expressing such things out loud but I can always write a decent letter or create a piece of art. Here's to Vector Rehabilitation's past and future success; I hope this piece helped convey that message.

P.S The clinic ended up hanging this in their lobby, replacing a stock repro of a Gauguin piece (*gasp*). I told my PT that Gauguin was probably rolling in his grave and he replied that if there was still enough left of Gauguin to roll, then he was welcome to it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

High Society, Here I Come! (Again)

Un-BE-lievable! The saga of my festering foot continues. Apparently an internal (dissolvable) stitch has decided unilaterally that it won't go away and my body has decided that in that case, it must worm its way up and out of my body right through the most tender part of my scar. My podiatrist gave me a week of Epsom soaking, whirlpools and general wishful thinking to get whatever it is to the surface so it can be nabbed with tweezers. Otherwise...sharp objects will become involved. What's up with this?!?!? In this journal entry, Sancho de Storkmonte expresses my attempt to "reframe" this entire affair.

Since my hands are in comparatively better shape, I am spending today experimenting with background techniques that can be applied to canvas underneath my Chinese folk art images. I'm afraid of getting burned out on one particular look so I want to see if I can follow the same basic steps and create a different but related feeling for other canvases. I also need to do some studies for an edition of three, 2 by 3-foot canvases. I'm donating one, gifting another, and showing the third. I think I have some sort of fever because that size is going to be absolutely monstrous considering I can't keep my arm above shoulder height for more than a few moments at a time. However, the image I'm working with just begs to big and when the art begs...well, how can I not listen?
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