Thursday, December 13, 2007

Poetry Before Dawn

I crawled out from under my cozy scarlet comforter very early this morning, prompted by the nagging feeling of a migraine brewing. Before dawn is a quiet and productive time, albeit a bit chilly and dark. I popped on the coffee pot and and went back to bed to wait out the percolations. When it finally sputtered to a stop, I fixed a hot cup o' joe, toasted up an English muffin and settled in at my studio table. The night before, I had started another round of found word poetry so I would have more text available for a series of canvases I've been working on lately. The table was strewn with bits of poems-in-waiting, adjectives, nouns, phrases, conjunctions and the like, all patiently hoping to find a purpose in my compositions. Once I've discovered a hidden poem worth remembering, I write it down and stuff all the little words into a numbered pocket in a clear slide mount page. That way, I can find all the necessary clippings when finally needed. I typically work up ten poems or so in each round so I have options to choose from when deciding upon the imagery for a canvas. In the meantime, there are tiny bits of books scattered all over the table and the slightest rustling of papers or god forbid! a sneeze, and all that potential poetry flies away.


  1. kelly snelling3:17 PM

    what a fun and thought-provoking way to write poetry! i'm so happy you have your blog up and running again!! i'm adding your link to mine right now. xo-k

  2. Oh Michelle!
    I periodically check your blog to see if you have made a recent entry - how delighted I was to see that you are going to start fresh - I really look forward to catching up on your life! I think about you often and hope that your foot/heel problems have healed nicely and that your hands are doing okay!

    The guilt still rides me since I have still not completed your Diva gift from LAST year!! Thank goodness you have been so patient and understanding!
    It will be a priority project as soon as the holidays are over, I promise!

    I so look forward to hearing from you and seeing your lovely art!

    Take care!


    P.S. I tried to email the above message to you, but it bounced back - do you have a new email addy?


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