Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Returning & Remembering

New blog look and some new art...for a little while, I am working on a slightly diferent take on the Asian imagery series. These are mini landscapes on smaller canvases - much more detail, a different background technique & the addition of found word poetry to add text. This particular piece (acrylics and collage) is 4 inches by 12 inches high and it reads:
"In this house
there was
bit of truth
whisper it over and over:
Remember who you are.

These have turned out to be very fun to do if I can ignore the physical difficulty it incurs to work in such detail...liner brushes, quarter-inch brushes and smaller, tweezers for the words...sigh! I have always loved tiny and after working big for a tad, I guess I am returning to my roots to remind myself why I got out of working small.


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