Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Don't Forget to Breathe

Oh, so many journal pages and artworks to post since I've been "vacationing" from the Lost Coast for so long...the good thing is that they are all scanned and ready to go! I thought I'd start with this page as it is very appropriate for me today as I rush here & there preparing for an open studio on Saturday! It is simply amazing how fast dust can gather?! As someone with chronic migraines, I'm not big on opening my curtains too much but when I do...ack! Everything looks like it is covered in a soft, thick grey blanket. I'm battling an entire stampede of dust bunnies! Actually, they're more elephant-sized...

Anyway, since I last posted a journal entry from "My World Within" project, my pages have become so much more elaborate. I've been teaching cartooning this semester at my son's school so my pages really reflect my intense interest in more complicated bodies, outfits, and positions. The stork head is from Dover (copied, enlarged, & colored), the crown from a collage sheet I created and the rest is all me. I loved working on Her Majesty's robe and the doodled circle border. As of late, I've become particularly intrigued by birds (unusual ones rather than the typical, sweet songbird image), queens, and circles. Spirals, of course, being a favored and personally significant motif, will always be found somewhere in everything I do but it is fun to experiment with new elements.

Thank you to all for the comments rolling in since I popped up on the blog radar yesterday! It feels good to be missed! Enjoy!


  1. I like to refer to them as "dust dragons". lol Your work is wonderful to view, I have to say I missed it and checked regularly to see if you were still alive. Glad to hear from you. Take care.

  2. I love this page. I really like the sentiment, too. It's something I have to remind myself every time I am stressed that I have to breathe. Why is it that we forget this simple thing? :) Gentle hugs to you! Fran

  3. Waahhh, I love this one. Love the colors on that bird. And great attention sentence! It's true: we need to remember to breathe. Love it!


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