Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Inching Along

Jan 16th - 22nd
I'm a little behind in posting the weekly pages for my Inchies project due to the predictable variety of distractions. However, I am managing to complete squares each day. There are days where the process flows freely and is actually quite fun and days where I moan and groan my way through the task. On most days, I have a good idea of what my subject matter will be; The greatest challenge has been in finding images to match that are scaled small enough to suit such a tiny canvas.

On January 17 (second row from top), Northern California was hit by yet another hard freeze (bye, bye to citrus for a while). The squares for this day illustrate the soft stillness that descends when all is covered in a light dusting of white. On the 18th, my migraines finally eased after a solid week of torture; On the 20th, I simply played with some symbols omnipresent in my artistic lexicon. January 21 (second row from the bottom) was a particularly trying day as a parent and finally, January 23 found me battling some sadness as I realized how incredibly behind I am in all things due to my health. Using my experiences, observations, events, and/or emotions as subject matter for each day's Inchies makes this endeavor more and more like a journal project as I progress. Not every day is remarkable or worth documenting, of course, so on those "uninteresting" days, I am filling in with little visual explorations and exercises.


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