Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Handy" Belief

As an artist, my hands are my life and livelihood, the key to unlocking my inner thoughts and emotions, experiences and memories. However, my hands have often failed me due to several different types of hand diseases, disorders, and subsequent "salvage" surgeries. Consequently, hand imagery is a huge component of my artistic lexicon. Perhaps by celebrating the hand in my art, I can will my own hands back to health. From a cold, analytical medical standpoint, I will forever have difficulties with my hands. If I am to press forward with my dream of having a self-sustaining art career, I must believe that the hands I now have will be enough. The repetition of the hand in my work represents a visual affirmation of this belief.

I created this canvas for a one-on-one mini canvas swap with Kari Gibson. Shhh! Don't let the surprise out of the bag!


kari said...

Hi Michelle, OK I won't tell!

Coincidentally, I have just drawn all these bones in white pencil on black paper and thought of your hands throughout the process. I think I was remembering the Hands ATC swap in the League.

Keep believing and you will overcome the obstacles. A friend told me this once and I have achieved much more through thinking like this instead of wasting time worrying.

This is a fabulous piece of art and I am sure the recipient will be delighted!

Kari x

Karen Campbell said...

Holy cow ... I love this piece, Michelle! Now I wanna learn to draw a bony hand!

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