Tuesday, January 30, 2007

All Caught Up on Inchies Posting

Jan 23rd - Jan 29th
The beginning of this week in Inchies found me still strugging with feelings of disquiet; Hence "Awaken from sadness and live." On the 24th, a thick, pea soup fog snuck in off Humboldt Bay and so I documented this event. The 25th was just a playday Inchies-style as I freehand cut some baby birdies to skitter through my squares. January 26th marked the first time I've used a photograph as a background. This row illustrates something I actually saw on the morning drive to my son's school (the raven is painted onto squares from a photo I took). On the 27th, I wanted to honor my artist friends, near and far, who provide me with so much support and friendship and lastly, on the 29th, I created a set of squares to remember the racehorse Barbaro who had to be euthanized after a long, brave battle to try and recover from a devasting accident at the track. For some reason, his story deeply affected me and I felt compelled to mark this moment in time.


  1. I just love what you are doing there!!!

  2. Ahh, these are lovely. The story about Barbaro is sad, a spell of happy retirement would have been much better..

    Using a photograph is a great idea for a background and ravens and large birds are haunting me today for some reason (I dreamt last night of a vulture too).

    And I agree about cherishing our artist friends - they are the only ones that understand, LOL!

    kari x
    (sending cherishing thoughts)

  3. Great post...glad I came to visit


  4. Love these inchies! You did some neat things on here, Michelle!

  5. Kathy Mc8:41 PM

    I have enjoyed viewing your inches Michelle. They are all wonderful little creations.
    kathy mc

  6. Bravo Michelle! Your inchies are beautiful. Truly inspiring. What thought you put into them. It only goes to show that little can be big.

  7. These are really cool Michelle!

  8. I love your inches creation. Thea are beautiful.


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