Friday, November 17, 2006


"Unfurl those wings, sweetness and test the air. A cool breeze is blowing, a soft, uplifting current waiting for you. Yes, the weight of the world is pressing down upon your soul. Yes, those personal demons can be tricky. There are many struggles in all our lives - this is oh so true. But no matter how heavy your heart, your spirit can fly. A deep breath, a glowing sunset, a bird in her nest, babies beneath her feathered breast...each little treasure discovered is a bit of hope uncovered. Each new look at the everyday reveals miracles and joy and beauty, simple but glorious things that lighten the load. Now stretch for the stars, dear one, and let your worries drop away, scattered in the wind. Like the universe, your potential knows no bounds, no bars, no barriers, if only, if only, you believe."


Kari said...

Oh, this is beautiful and I am sure it will be snapped up by some happy buyer.

The words really resonate at a time when I feel my wings are clipped at the moment.

A collection of gorgeous pages like these would also be fantastic printed into artists books if you have the facilities, don't you think?

Kari x

Karen Campbell said...

This is amazing! And your journaling is such an inspiration ... as usual!

Holly Stinnett said...

Gorgeous, Michelle. Such vibrant color and deep thoughts - very, very lovely.

Thank you by the way for hosting the fabulous Zetti chunky book swap. I am so thrilled with the end result. I LOVE my book!

jackie said...

I am the proud and happy owner that bought this several years ago - I still cherish it!

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