Monday, November 27, 2006

Fly Free

Birds are a tremendously popular image nowadays; from nest to egg to tiny songbird or mischievous crow, birds have great appeal. They are beautiful in voice and body, adventurous and resilient, silly and serious. Of course, I am particularly attracted to birds in hats. After all, everyone knows that the perfect hat is an essential addition to a smart-looking wardrobe.

This a tag I created for a tag swap. The little bird stamp is from Kodomo Inc and I just love it! Just a simple bit of art to grace today's blog entry...I'm crazy busy with art teaching tonight, tomorrow and next week so not much time for chit-chat or "free play" art. However, after next Monday, I'll be free to fly off on my own tangents! Can't wait! My journal is calling!


Anonymous said...

Michelle your tag is both beautiful and whimsical, I so love your style!!

Kari said...

Oh, this is fabulous - birds are wonderful symbols as you say, for many things. I think the Jungian thinking is they represent the self or so I have been told and I use them in my art with that in mind.

The quotes are brilliant and I love the studio challenge - wish I wasn't at work and could have a play!

Kari x

Gilda Bronze said... glad to find your blog site with your pictorial musings. Perfect! I find that sometimes the imagery that fills your minds eye in the most improbable places comes to fruition without permission, and you end up with that wonderment of "Did I do that"?

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